Puy de Fou, Mont-Saint-Michel, and Saint-Malo

Vendredi soir (Friday night), I went on the most amazing excursion with my school here in Angers. Puy de Fou is a very popular event in France (the second most visited tourist attraction-only less than Disneyland in all of France!) The bus ride from Angers was only an hour, and I found myself in an entirely different world upon arrival. My friends and I entered into this gigantic castle area, complete with a moat and little villages surrounding it. We were then taken back in time (in French, of course) through the history of France. As spectators, we witnessed French revolutions, wars (including the World War II bombings, cities with live horses and other animals, a man literally on fire, stunning fireworks, and over 300 volunteer actors. This event was so unbelievable, it is hard to describe. The setting was extravagant in itself, but the ability to witness the story of France with live actors inside an actual castle was one of the coolest things I've ever been able to see. I am so happy I went on this excursion! (Also, huge props to my new amazing friend Kennedy for taking these killer pics)... 

Today (dimanche-AKA Sunday), my school took us on an excursion to Mont-Saint-Michel, and Saint-Malo. Mont-Saint-Michel is a jaw-dropping chapel on a mountain right in the north west coast of France (The NW seems to feel like home wherever I go). When high tide occurs, the spot becomes an island, reachable only by boat and not by car. This gives the island a mysteriousness that is incomparable with any other place in the world. As I walked up the hundreds of stairs, set up as a town inside of the mountain to get to the top, I could not help but be fascinated with the area. This beautiful island was not touched at all during World War II, even as the beaches of Normandy are literally only a few miles away. The view from the top of the mountain was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, and having a picnic lunch with my new friends was a perfect way to end the week.

After Mont St. Michel, we drove 50 miles to the relaxing and very French beach town of Saint-Malo. Right on the edge of France, the small city allowed tranquility, and gave me the energy to begin my next week of school. The water was so blue and the air so warm that I felt at home. Ma nouveau amis (my new friends) and I had a wonderful time simply exploring the town and enjoying the view of the coastline. 

Aussi (also), last night I bought a plane ticket to go visit my dear friend Cameron as he is studying abroad in Sweden. I absolutely cannot wait for this, as he is one of my best friends at college and a good taste of home is always helpful. For now, I am back to school tomorrow! Stay tuned for more adventures abroad! 


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