Barcelona and Finally Arriving in France!

For the past week, I have been staying in Barcelona, Spain! This city is completely gorgeous, lined by the Mediterranean Sea. I have spent the past few days exploring the metropolis, tanning under the warm sun, and practicing yoga by the beach. One of the most famous Spanish architects Antoni Gaudi, designed eccentric masterpieces there, and visiting his "Casa Batllo" was an enlightening experience. The way he took ergonomy into consideration while building a house representing the sea was masterful, especially for the time period. This Catalan Art Nouveau mansion in downtown Barcelona was magical (pictures attached!) Visiting the museum of Picasso was also a lovely experience. A majority of the paintings there are from his childhood and young adult life, and it was incredible to see his style evolve.
Although Barcelona was fantastical, I am ecstatic about starting my french immersion program! I landed in Paris today, and am spending four days here before I move on to my new home in Angers. I cannot wait to see what this adventure brings, and I know that my French will improve drastically.
I have decided to add music to the blog, specifically songs that I have been listening to during my travels. These tunes have been playing through my earbuds nonstop, and I hope you enjoy them.
As always, thanks for keeping up with my travels! Much more to come, including yogi insights into France. Bonsoir!


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