So wake me up when it's all over...

I have finally arrived! I am beginning my journey here in Amsterdam, and it is AMAZING. The city is absolutely gorgeous, with a beautiful waterway connecting the city to nature. As I walk along the Dutch canal, I see the exquisite houses from hundreds of years ago shaping the town. Every European city has its own charm, and Amsterdam is no exception. Today I went to the extensive Van Gogh museum, and saw hundreds of his paintings. Learning the history of his art and life was fascinating, and I loved seeing his famous Bedroom painting, along with many others. To finish off the day, I went to the "Heineken Experience". This elaborate tour of the original Heineken brewery, straight out of Amsterdam, was incredibly fun and informative. I am beginning my yoga project in doing poses at different spots around the city! It has been super fun to try this out in a different country. I am curious of what the perspective of meditation and yoga here is. Amsterdam is known to be a very liberal and conscious city, and I'm sure the point of view on holistic practices is similar. Maybe an interview is in the making... Keep following for more pictures of fantastic Europe. Vaarwel for now!


  1. Great idea to get pics of yourself doing yoga poses in each city--that'll make one hell of a coffee table book someday. Looking forward to following along your adventures, Annie!


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