And I'm Off!

Tomorrow is THE DAY. I am heading to Europe to experience everything I have prepared myself for for months...Not to mention everything I have not prepared myself for. Today is the final day to get everything done: the final pack, the final purchases, and the last day I have to emotionally prepare myself for this trip!
My journey will begin in Amsterdam. I will be exploring for a few days there (how fitting after just watching The Fault in Our Stars). I suspect I will be listening to a lot of Ansel Elgort's music, specifically "Home Alone", as his acting in Baby Driver was phenomenal and I am just getting into his style of music. Other than that, I will be playing quite a bit of Logic and Kendrick Lamar to start off the trip. These artists along with Big Gigantic are my favorites for pump up music right now, and I cannot wait to see how my experiences will pair with my favorite tunes. Different adventures call for different genres, and the music I listen to will shape my experience, as my experience will shape the music I listen to. Other bands I'm sure will be played frequently through my earbuds are Young the Giant, the Head and the Heart, and Local Natives, with softer, more subtle vibes and nostalgia.
As I travel from Amsterdam to Barcelona to Brussels to Brugge to Paris, until I finally reach my destination for the month in Angers, my heart is ready to be awakened to European culture. I am fascinated to see how yoga and meditation are practiced in this part of the world, coming from a West Coast perspective. Although there may be a language barrier, I hope to connect with beautiful human beings from all around the world, and develop a deeper understanding of other cultures.
Saying goodbye to my incredible friends and family for a while is challenging, but I know it will all be worth it. This experience will be life changing, and I am excited to share it with all of you! For now, au revoir America! <3


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