Getting Ready To Go!

Today I finished my last final of junior year of college. I am officially a senior, and wow college has gone by fast. After attending the pre-departure study abroad meeting, I have a pretty good idea of what I want to pack, but boy is it daunting! In speaking to a friend about her study abroad experience, I learned that it is going to be quite hot during my time in France. ("J'ai chaud" will be a term I am sure I will use a lot). She advised me to bring dresses, cute tank tops and skirts, and that's about it! Considering I will be doing yoga practices abroad, I will definitely need to bring my favorite yoga pants, and a portable mat. I am beyond excited to go abroad. The next few weeks will just be pure preparation: cognitively, emotionally, and, of course, physically gathering everything that I need. I absolutely cannot wait to meet my host family that I will be living with for a month. Everyone who I've talked with about their study abroad experience told me it's a lovely gesture to give your host family a small gift as you arrive, so today I am going to the OSU Beaver Store and will pick out something fun that I believe represents my university and the American college life. As I prepare myself to go abroad, I have some internal expectations that will either be met or be vastly different than my pre-conceived ideas. I've been to France before (specifically Paris, Nice, and Avignon), so I have a little insight of what the culture is, but I have never done yoga in any other country, and I am sure that my idea of what French culture is will greatly alter in my abroad.

Music is a huge part of my life, and the music I listen to while abroad will be salient in my memory. I will be incorporating this into my posts, as I will listen to music from America to remind myself of home and discover new French music to fully immerse myself. When I listen to an artist as I embark on a new journey, the song is ingrained in my heart, soul, and body as a connection with that experience. To this day, when I listen to certain songs, I feel these remarkable connections to beautiful moments in my life. I expect this adventure to be similar, and I will make sure to connect my readers with the tunes playing into my ears. I can't wait to share this experience with you all. Stay posted!


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